About Dr. Skrzypczak


Dr. Clayton Skrzypczak has helped thousands of patients improve their lifestyle by improving their vision and educating them about their health.  His expertise in the refractive nature of the eye and the impacts of nutrition and health on the visual system and the body has made a difference in many lives.

He has practiced optometry in northern Michigan since graduating from The Michigan College of Optometry at Ferris State University in 2001.  As a native of northern Michigan, Dr. Skrzypczak feels a special connection with the surrounding communities and people in the area.  He knows what it’s like to hike in the woods and trails, float the lakes and streams and climb the dunes.  With all the beauty northern Michigan has to offer, it’s Dr. Skrzypczak’s mission to improve the vision and health of his patients so they, too, can enjoy the beauty of our area.